Program management of integration of the $1.5B acquisition of privately-held AirWatch

“A platform deal establishing Vmware as a major player in the mobile device management (MDM) space”

Airwatch 1

Integration features include:

  • Integrating AirWatches 1600 employees into Vmware’s infrastructure
  • On-boarding of employees in existing Vmware entities in the US, UK, Singapore, India, and Australia. This includes payroll, all HR systems, and all IT processes/functionality that a Vmware employee enjoys

Special focus on finance and go-to-market integration (US, UK, Singapore, India, and Australia)

  • As lead finance program manager, managed extended international finance integration teams, including tax and legal functions.
  • Planned/executed legal entity mergers and liquidations
  • Transition of all operational processes (e.g. quoting, delivery, invoicing) to VMWare infrastructure.
  • Transition of customer / partner contracts to Vmware legal entities
  • For each country, ensuring appropriate sales motion (definition and training) to not jeopardize highly-efficient Vmware tax structure.
  • Conversions of entities to allow buy-sell transactions

IT Services

Services Delivered
M&A Integration

Countries Involved
United Kingdom
United States