Acquisition Integration of Sauflon Pharmaceuticals across UK and Italy

“CooperVision acquired family-owned Sauflon for $1.2bn to expand its range of contact lens and solution products, predominantly across UK and Europe.”

CooperVision acquisition of Sauflon 1

Two GPMIP Partners led the integration across the key markets of UK and Italy.

Worked with local Managing Directors and teams to coordinate the integration activities across all functional areas including Sales, Marketing, Comms, Customer Services, Finance, IT, Systems and Operations.

Sales team and customer service integrations, including headcount synergies.

Led integration cutover planning and execution across IT, operations and commercial functions.

Consolidation of warehouses and offices in both countries.

Stakeholder communications, including additional complex projects such as UK direct debits.

Consumer Products Supply

Services Delivered
M&A Integration

Countries Involved
United Kingdom