Led integration in the merger of SF Bio and Finnkino, resulting in creation of Nordic Cinema Group

Nordic cinema Group

  • Led the post-merger integration project for Nordic Cinema Group creating the
    Nordic region’s largest cinema group and number six in Europe for nine months, turnover of €325 million
  • Operations in six countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
  • Deal rationale was economy of scale towards suppliers and critical mass for a potential IPO
  • Key challenges in the merger of cultures, management teams, IT integration and creation of a new organization
  • Led analysis and prioritization of synergies, resulting in economies of scale in concessions, film rental, price optimization, and media selling; synergies included in budget and KPIs
  • Led a detailed review of the best practices in business and operations and found low hanging fruits
  • Led metrics alignment and implementation, and managed IT stream with two different systems

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