Acquisition Integration of friendly takeover of Racal Electronics into Thales, a £,3bn deal value with ~15K employees worldwide


Thales acquired Racal Electronics for £1.3bn in a friendly takeover, ~15K employees worldwide in ~20 different countries, to develop an extended multi-domestic electronic defence strategy and increased global coverage

  • Worked with IMO team members to cover synergies and organizational changes, and later became co-director of UK-based IMO; co-led IMO for half of transition phase
  • Acted as liaison with organizational and strategic initiatives, worked with support functions, and steered company agenda
  • Launched synergy review process with clean team approach before closing
  • Worked on D1-90 planning and tracking with Finance, HR, Legal, and Organization
  • Assisted in design of integration strategy and execution in HR, Finance, and Legal
  • Organized completion of transition phase and audit


Services Delivered
M&A Integration

Countries Involved
United Kingdom