Jon Crockett

Jon Crockett
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Jon Crockett

Professional Background

  • 30 years of professional experience
  • Consultant for: KPMG, Embark Partners, Pritchett Consulting, IBM
  • Corporate Transactions: EMC (divestiture), Symantec (multiple), Cisco Systems ($7B multi-national with Works Council engagement), Yahoo / Alibaba (acquisition), Tesla / SolarCity (acquisition), Q2eBanking (Merger)
  • Bachelor of Science (Northeastern); Masters (New York University). Attended numerous trainings George Washington University, Fordham Law School, Project Management Institute.
  • Certified M&A coach and trainer
  • Speaks fluent English

M&A Skills & Expertise

  • Led more than fifty M&A transactions (from due diligence through planning, execution and success measurement)
  • Executive experience in management consulting, restructuring and transformation, project/program management, change management, process engineering.
  • Strong international and multi-cultural experiences working transactions in North America, Asia, EMEA, and Latin America
  • Expert in building business cases, statements of work (SOW), Project Initiation Requests (PIR), Project Plans, Spend Controls, Vendor Mgmt., Risk and Issue Logs, Communication Plans, Resource Plans, Performance Metrics
  • Setup Portfolio Management (PfM) environments inclusive of software tools, reporting processes, dashboard metrics, collaborative web/folder environments, Phase Gate methodologies.

Project Highlights

  • Technology: EMC (diligence, valuation, and target operational modeling), Smith & Wesson (acquisition due diligence), Symantec (multiple transactions), Cisco Systems (multiple transactions, Worldwide Tax entity consolidations, Works Council engagement), Yahoo (divestiture diligence and pricing, M&A internal audit), Alibaba (acquisition), Harmonic (acquisition due diligence), McAfee (multiple transactions; Call Center consolidation, Amsterdam HQ relocation, Websense (merger), Knova / Serviceware (merger), Network General (divestiture), Sniffer Technologies (acquisition), Foundstone (acquisition).
  • Energy / Utilities: Tesla (acquisition), Chevron-Texaco (merger), Kansas City Public Utilities (acquisition), Enron (IT outsourcing)
  • Financial Services: Q2eBanking (Merger)
  • Health Care: Blue Shield (PMO)