julie rassat

Julie Rassat

United Kingdom

People profiles

Julie Rassat

Professional Background

  • 15+ years in strategic planning and M&A integration across functions for technology, data and media businesses
  • Experience on 30+ deals of various strategies (add-ons, reverse merger, geographic expansion, consolidation for new segment development)
  • Experience built through in-house integration consulting (8 years) and partnerships with Top Tier consulting firms (McKinsey, Deloitte)
  • Experience of large, global deals including Thomson and Reuters (£9bn) IMO management
  • Executive MBA London Business School, Columbia Business School and Hong Kong University (Top 2 FT ranking)
  • Global deal activity including US, UK, France, India, South Korea, UAE, Russia

M&A Skills & Expertise

  • Expert in cross- border, cross-functional transactions
  • Extensive Digital, Technology and Media sector knowledge (Legal Information, Financial Services, Advertising, FinTech)
  • Specific specialities include: Pre-close integration governance, Due Diligence metrics & analysis for implementation, Legal review period planning and managerial engagement, Operational restructuring and execution planning, Sales group integration management and restructuring, Cross-functional integration planning and engagements, M&A Integration functional and leadership playbooks

Project Highlights

  • Global M&A Integration Playbook for Global Advertising Group (2017)
  • Legal AI business integration for innovation capability, Business Integrity(2016) – Integration lead
  • Reverse merger for Legal Online services and OFT period management, Practical Law (2014-2015) – UK Integration Lead
  • French technology innovation integration to global services – Pricing Partners (2013) –Integration Lead
  • Creation of new business division through acquisition and integration of Financial Regulation businesses globally (2012)
  • OFT management and pre-close planning for 16-country deal; Cross-functional planning and Sales reorg – World Check (2011 – 2012) – Integration lead
  • Northland Solutions (2011) – Integration lead
  • Central integration team for £9bn merger of Thomson and Reuters (2009-2011) – Integration Management Office, Financial products