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Gilles Ourvoie

Gilles Ourvoie

Paris, France
+33 782 178 021

Joined Global PMI Partners: 2009

Gilles has over 25 years of experience assisting national and international clients, managing strategy, restructuring, acquisitions, and alliances for a wide array of sectors. His international experience spans Europe, US and Africa. Gilles taught Finance and M&A at a master level at the Rennes Business School and delivered a multitude of training seminars on post-merger integration for executive teams and consultants. As an Advisory Board member of Fair-M&A and group member of Académie des Sciences et Techniques Comptables et Financières, he brings extensive knowledge in all aspects of M&A.

Experience Highlights

  • Gemallto, 2016: Mentor of 2 Integration Managers, M&A process reengineering
  • Airbus, 2015: Carve-out training program of the HQ PMI team, team kick-off workshop
  • Gallimard, 2014: Integration DD for the merger of the distribution businesses with Seuil.
  • Gallimard , 2012: Integration support foracquisition of Flammarion.
  • Univers de l’Emballage, 2009: transformation plan and reorg design.
  • Areva, 2007: integration of Sfarsteel
  • Saint-Gobain, 2006 : integration of BPB
  • Apax, 2005 : Carve out preparation of FT MSC
  • Euromaster, 2004 : Finance integration after a number of acquisitions in Europe
  • Unilever, 2004 : Assessment of re-structuring options for France
  • SNCF, 2003 : design of freight transport alliance with CFF and SNCB
  • Rhodia, 2002 : re-engineering of M&A process


MSc from HEC (economics, geo-strategy)
MSc from the University of Paris-Dauphine (strategy and organizational behavior)
PhD certificate from the Conservatoire National des Arts & Metiers (LT forecasting)