Philippe Joie

Philippe Joie
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Philippe Joie

Professional Background

  • 40 years experience of cross border IT in global industrial companies, out of which 10 years in the food packaging (WR Grace) and 16 years in the Semi Conductors sector
  • Philippe has been conducting or supporting multi-billion global M&A and carve-out projects over the last 10 years
  • On top of his IT background, he has a double competence in business functions, including HR and Finance, key in M&A projects
  • Philippe is fluent in French (mother tongue) and English, and has a survival level in Dutch and Italian

M&A Skills & Expertise

  • Global Financial, HR, reporting and PLM systems in large global companies (Levi Strauss, WR Grace (chemicals specialties-food packaging, STMicroelectronics)
  • For STMicroelectronics, he has conducted the IT track of multi-billion M&A projects, from due-diligence, through design of transitory and target IT landscape, to post-merger stabilization
  • The record of Philippe also includes management of global projects, such as Y2K and Euro migration, worldwide deployment of ERPs as SAP and Peoplesoft
  • Between 2003 and 2008, he was an invited professor at the University of Annecy – France, where he lectured the program: ‘e-Processes in the High Tech Industry’

Project Highlights

  • Senior IT advisor for Philips, Netherlands
  • For Jack Link’s/Bifi, 2014, designed the target IT solution post carve-out from Unilever, acted as senior IT advisor, supported the migration project, and did lead the H2R track till day 1
  • IT M&A director of Microelectronics; conducted the IT track of all ST MA&D projects during that period: with Intel, NXP and Ericsson. He also  conducted due diligences for tens of projects that have not been unclosed. 2006-11
  • Philippe was in charge, within ST, of the global Financial, HR and PLM systems of the group
  • Project manager of Y2K and Euro migration
  • WR Grace: Cryovac food packaging: Philippe created an innovative reporting system, and conducted the deployment of financial and reporting systems in all European affiliates
  • Levi’s: Philippe managed the insourcing of IT for Levi Strauss Europe (Infrastructure and applications), he conducted the design and deployment of financial systems in all European affiliates