Organization Change & Leadership Selection

We support the design and implementation of the transition and/or future organization, and assist you in the selection of the Leadership team

Client challenges

  • Ensure the consistency between the carve-out strategy and the organization of the businesses
  • Optimise the deal value in the context of the potential evolution of the businesses (IPO, PE or strategic buyer, LBO,…)
  • Mitigate risks linked to organisational changes and uncertainties
  • Size correctly the transition service agreements vs recruitments

How we can help

  • Build a structured analytical and collaborative process to align organization to both transition phase and expected future state(s)
  • Secure the right sizing of the new organization
  • Build the right collaborative mindset in order to limit risks and increase people buy-in

Key benefits

  • Improved design of both transition organization and post-deal target organization
  • Check all organizational elements (processes, structures, capabilities, systems)
  • Assessment of key talents
  • Methodology and process for functional design and deployment
  • Hands-on experience in the team set-up

Lessons learned

  • Clarify LT options in terms of functional requirements – build a transition stage organization
  • Take this opportunity to downsize or upgrade the organization
  • Link this organization design work to the TSA approach

Carve-Out Organization Design & Leadership Selection 1

Recent Organization Design & Leadership Selection experience