Carve-out Work Stream Management

Divide and Conquer. This is our winning approach to managing a complex project.

Client challenges

  • The time required to keep track of all the activities going on in the project
  • Business as Usual to be managed while the carve-out is going on
  • High and/or unknown carve out risks
  • Difficult negotiation situation between managers
  • unknown integration risks
  • Too many assumptions being made

How we can help

  • Prepare a detailed plan for each work stream
  • Keep the activities of each work stream aligned with other work streams and with the overall project
  • Monitor the day by day progress and expedite the solutions of any issues that could arise
  • Guarantee an adequate level of quality in the delivery

Key benefits

  • Project progressing according to schedule
  • Milestones being respected
  • Management can focus on Business as Usual activities
  • Results aligned with the carve-out strategy established at the beginning

Lessons learned

  • Work streams activities are not progressing in synch, so one work stream is stuck waiting for another work stream to finish
  • There is sometimes a competitive and not constructive approach from the work streams leaders
  • Work stream leaders focus on the short-term result and not on the creation of an enduring value for the firm

Carve-out Work Stream Management 1

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