Our Mentoring service partners one of our most experienced M&A leaders with you to support you through the M&A process and transfer knowledge.

Client Challenges

  • Lack of experience of the Integration Manager or of the Acquirer
  • High level of complexity (interdependencies, number of stakeholders, relative size, geographical dispersion)
  • Lack of resources – stretch planning
  • Major cultural gaps – need for a certain neutrality

Key Benefits

  • Leverage of considerable experience covering all types of situations (listed or not, friendly or not, asset-based or not, vertical vs horizontal integration)
  • High leverage of internal resources
  • Limited external costs
  • Neutrality in the thought process
  • Mitigation of risks
  • Improved communication

Lessons Learned

  • Integration Manager need to understand and accept the mentoring process
  • Sufficient time to allow for a detailed understanding of issues
  • Strong empathy and best-in-class expertise on the mentor side
  • Pragmatic approach – few slides and documents
  • Focus on actions and decisions

What We Do

  • Team design based on needs from one part-time Partner up to a panel of senior advisors
  • Meetings on-demand
  • No direct contact with integration work streams – limited interference
  • Working with other consultancies
  • Intervention anytime during the M&A process (ideally around signing)

Recent Mentoring Experience