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Established the M&A Guideline at France Telecom (now Orange)

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  • With the arrival of the new CFO (M Combes) France Telecom was seeking to rationalise its M&A process, from pre-deal to the end of the transition phase.
  • We worked with the new M&A director to define a group-wide process, building on past cases and best practice approaches to improve the overall process.
  • We worked with all the different internal functions involved in the M&A process (M&A, Legal, Tax, Financial communication,…) and divisions (international division, French operations) in order to reengineer the working process (worksteps, roles and responsibilities, interdependencies).
  • We developed a toolbox to gain time in the major worksteps (info memo, dataroom management, due diligence checklists, PMI planning and organisation,…)
  • We covered both integration, carve-outs and alliances.
  • The overall decision-process was also reviewed and documented (gateways descriptions, decision-making requirements, etc.).
  • A web-based customised platform was developed in parallel to support the process, increase the knowledge management and enable an M&A reporting on the portfolio of projects.
  • This project was presented later on to the French Association of M&A directors as an example of M&A innovation.

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